Friday, April 24, 2015

a felt sense of it

"[W]hen I was a dancer, we were always encouraged to fall in rehearsal, so that you could know what the tipping point of any given movement was. That way, when you did it on the stage, you could be sure you were taking it to the edge without falling on your face. It sounds like a cliché, but really it's just physics— if you don't touch the fulcrum, you'll never gain a felt sense of it, and your movement will be impoverished for it.”  


Last weekend I had the honor of having my portfolio chosen as the 2015 Art Portfolio Show Grand Prize Winner at the SCBWI WWA spring conference.  There was so much beautiful work on display, and I'm thrilled and grateful to be part of this incredibly talented and supportive community. Thank you SCBWI!

And thank you as well to Kyo Maclear (author of the extraordinary book Virginia Wolf, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault) for the above quote.  She has a lovely collection of quotes and images here which I recommend checking out.

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  1. congratulations on this honor!
    i agree wonderful quote and can be married with so many of life's activities.