Monday, August 25, 2014

reaching for something far beyond

Wesley McNub

I've been making changes to a character in a story that I'd thought was nearly finished...

And so I was especially inspired by these words from M.B. Goffstein.  I found them via a  Number Five Bus Presents interview with K.T. Horning (this is Philip and Erin Stead's collection of interviews with very thoughtful children's book people.  If you haven't seen it, make sure to check it out!)

M.B. Goffstein on how to write and illustrate a picture book:

"...Write something you don't know but long to know.
It is tiresome to read a text that the author hasn't fought for, lost,

and by some miracle when all hope is gone, found.

When you have your text, say it over and over

until the rough edges are worn smooth.
Recite it to yourself in the mirror.
The book must be separate from you.

You are serving the book.

It has to make its way in the world.
Make sure it can communicate.

...What do the characters look like?

Their world is on paper before you.
The characters talk to each other.

They mean what they say.
Their hearts are in it.

What makes you think children like childish things?

Don't tell them how to be children.
They want to grow up.
Do them the honor of reaching for something far beyond you.
It won’t be noticeable but it will be felt..."

-M.B. Goffstein